At Blue Bonnet Endodontics, we provide endodontic treatments for patients of all ages. If your child develops an infection in their tooth, Dr. Mansi Malavia may recommend regenerative endodontics to eliminate the infection and restore your child’s oral health and comfort. To schedule a consultation with our endodontist and learn more about regenerative endodontics in The Woodlands, Texas, please call our office at 281-789-7123.

Unlike endodontic treatment for adults, regenerative endodontics for children does not involve a full root canal. Instead, we remove the decayed and inflamed tissues, allowing the tooth to continue growing so that your child’s mouth can grow and develop properly.

Even though primary teeth are not permanent, they are still incredibly important. In fact, your child’s baby teeth are just as important as their fully developed teeth. Primary teeth contribute to your child’s ability to chew, to speech development and to the alignment of the permanent teeth. Each baby tooth holds the space for the permanent tooth that will erupt behind it. If a primary tooth is extracted instead of treated, the remaining teeth can shift out of place and the permanent tooth may not erupt into the correct position.

By having your child’s teeth treated with regenerative endodontics, you can preserve their teeth and promote better oral health in the future. To schedule your child’s appointment with our endodontist and learn more, contact our office today.