Blue Bonnet Endodontics provides treatment for traumatic dental injuries in The Woodlands, Texas. If you have experienced a traumatic injury to your teeth or mouth, we invite you to call us at 281-789-7123 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mansi Malavia and receive treatment. Our endodontist and team are committed to helping you get your oral health and smile back on track.

Traumatic dental injuries usually occur in accidents or while playing sports. The treatment our endodontist and team recommend will depend on the type and severity of the injury that you receive. Regardless of the type of injury, however, you need to be examined as quickly as possible by a professional. Many injuries are time-sensitive, and the success of your treatment may depend on how quickly you can make it to our office. There is also the concern that your neighboring teeth may have suffered a smaller, unnoticed injury during the initial trauma, which we are able to detect during an exam.

Here are a few common dental injuries that you may experience:

Crown Fractures (Broken Tooth)
If a piece of your tooth breaks off, your dentist will be able to restore the crown of the tooth. However, if a larger segment of the tooth breaks or cracks, the pulp may be exposed, which requires endodontic treatment. Most of the time, a root canal is recommended to deal with this type of damage. If this injury occurs in a child’s tooth, our endodontist will carefully examine their mouth to determine what the best treatment option for them is.

Displaced Teeth
Some injuries may cause your teeth to be moved out of their normal positions. The tooth may look as if it has been pushed to the side or into the socket or knocked partially out of the socket. A dentist or oral surgeon will be able to reposition and stabilize the tooth following this injury, but root canal treatment is usually required as well.

Knocked-Out Teeth
If your tooth is completely knocked out of your mouth, seek dental treatment immediately. Try to keep the tooth from drying out by gently rinsing the tooth root with saline, milk or water and placing it back in the socket. If you cannot keep the tooth in the socket, store it in milk, saline solution or your own saliva. Get to the dentist within an hour of the injury. This greatly increases the chance that the tooth can be successfully reimplanted into your mouth. A root canal treatment will be necessary following this type of injury.

For more information and to schedule an appointment with our endodontist, please contact our office today.